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All:My:Faults - neo.NoiR

The premiere of the new album from german band All:My:Faults is planned on 25 January 2008. Leading voice of the band - Steve:Kiai is still in good shape - you can hear it on the the new record - dark soundwaves and feelings merge with classical & modern Rocksounds. Jonas:Iscariot (Agathodaimon) and Ralf (Unknown Darkness) on guitars came aboard the A:M:F-ship, and it was within a year - when a diverse album - full of variations: "neo:NoiR" was born. At the beginning All:My:Faults was plaing darkwave and in course of time begun to play more in trend of industrial rock. There is no simple definition of their music, because it consist of various different elements. It's synthesaire mixed with a good guitar work.
On "neo:NoiR" you can hear two songs worth of interest: "Spiral Word" and "intelligence". The first one is a collaboration with the Japanese cyberpunk artist Kenji Siratori (Sci-Fi-Author of "Blood Electric" and "Acid Human Project"), the second one a bonus track on "neo.NøiR": a remix of the synthpop-band TonSurTon.


01. Gesengtes Haupt/Geschlossene Augen
02. Can You Heare These Footsteps Coming Upstairs At Night?
03. Perfection Is The Way It'd Go But It Doesn't
04. Just The Fallen Again
05. Encode The Apology Inside The Lies
06. The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth, My Dearest
07. One And Other Stab Wounds Destroying A Life
08. Crashed Into A Spiral World
09. You'd Better Watch Out In A Forest After Midnight
10. Alles Is Gesagt (Version 2007)
11. Intelligence (Orginally By TonSurTon) (feat. Ethan Kemp)

¬ród³o: official band site and Falk Merten
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