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Way of Darkness III Festival

In 21 days 3rd edition of Way Of Darkness Festival will open it's gates for the audience! The event will take place in Coburg, Germany and it's 3-day celebration for the body and soul of evry heavy metalhead! This years edition will bring over 30 bands and celebireties such as: american Possessed and british Napalm Death. DarkPlanet is featuring the event with it's patronage.

Events details:

Thursday, 02.10.:
Benediction (UK), Hollenthon (AT), Holy Moses, Nominon (S), Abbadon Incarnate (IRL), Maggot Shoes, Neocosmic, TBA

Friday, 03.10.:
Napalm Death (UK), Entombed (S), Endstille, One Man Army (S), Sinister (NL), Dark Fortress, Manos, Lay Down Rotten, Mastic Scum (AT), Mael Mordha (IRL), Hatred , Cronos Titan

Saturday, 04.10.:
Possessed (USA), Asphyx (NL), Primordial (IRL), Desaster, Evocation (S), Dark Age, Despondency, Sadistic Intent (USA), Witchburner, Karras, Commander, Cripper

More Information:
The festival will take place in a heated tent. There will be also a tent with a DJ and a metal market. There is also the possibility to camp directly at the festival area. Fees for camping are included in the tickets. Parking next to the tent is not possible, but next to the campground. Please try to avoid glass on the campground. Camping is only possible with a valid ticket!!!!

Doors Open:
Thursday: 3 pm (Friday and Saturday. 11.15 am)

First Band:
Thursday: 4 pm (Friday and Saturday, 12.15 pm)

3-Day-Ticket: Advanced Sales: 30,- (+ advance booking fee[in our Shop without advance booking fee]),

Box Office: 35,-
1-Daytickets will be only available at the door.
Th.: 14 Euro; Fr.: 20 Euro; Sa.: 20 Euro

Tickets are available at the following places:
In our SHOP. H2O, Karmelitenstr. 28, 97070 Würzburg, Tel.: 0931 / 57 26 11
BVD Kartenservice, Lange str. 22, 96047 Bamberg, /
... and also at all good known ticket stores (Kartenhaus, CTS, Eventim) !

Limited T-Shirts:
In our shop you can order limited W.O.D. – Festival T-Shirts. 40 Euro in a ticket Package (10 Euro for the shirt) or just the shirt for 13 Euro. The shirts won’t be available at the festival.
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