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Deicide - From Darkness Come

I take his name in vain and devastate; disgrace his sacred dove,
Then raise my glass, to god and drink thy blood, Jesus I hate your guts.
If all believed, what then? Where would this end, a world to live as one?
They hail the cross, then kill, for holy cause, his faith, the name of god?

I will not coven thee, murderous history,
Christians forgived themselves for their atrocities,
Heaven is all they know, waiting their time to go,
Damning who doesn't believe in their stagnant lord,
Never will I give up, scared by his only son,
All that I conjure conflict what your bible want...
Always forever be, anti religiously, killing your god is my answer to everything...Die

From darkness I come, the face of sacrilege,
From darkness come, invert the crucifix,
From darkness I come with no love for Jesus,
From darkness come, I will stab and beat him

Beyond belief, in god, don't prey for me, Christian stu-pi-dity
I spite his word, with truth, for all to learn, worthless fragility,
From birth, scheming, I search, and spread the word,
Satan is on the earth.
The end of god, destroyed; is all I want, kill him, from darkness come,

Get down on to my knees I wont for any thing,
nor am I filled with the spirit heavens love.
It makes no sense to me, holy philosophies,
ravaged by years of his threats and hypocrisies.
I will not follow with, into oblivion, spit on his bible and refuse to worship it,
After the thrill of god, forsaken only son, death to his dominion,
religion dead and gone. DIEEEEEEEEEEE
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