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Deicide - Crucifixation

Give pralse to Satan, he has won (Lead - Brian)
Dynical existence, crucifixion
You will give pralse to Satan
Lord of lords, kind of kings
Spread your wings

Haunted by the righteous one, bent of my repention
Crucifixion Lucifier, save me from destruction
Holy priest that can't confirm, shun the cross of evil
Violent but undisturbed, wait for thee invertion

To break the bonds of evil
To die upon the cross
To die uncertain death
For whom you place it on

Crucifixation - Thee unholy denominations
Crucifixation - Holy termination

You will give praise to Satan (Lead - Brian)
Imaled vibration, Crucifixation

Levitating act of death, messanger of Satan's mass
Blinded by the crucifix, sacrilegious impalment
Kill the chosen, righteous son, claim the cross inverted one
Everlasting hell dammation, from the lord, Crucifixation

Repeat Pre-Chorus / Chorus

Where's my crucifix?
I can't die without it.

-------------------------E N D----------------------------------------------

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