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Deicide - Trifixion

Lead: Eric]

Blaspheming god, my body was possessed
The essence of their spirits are evil
Burning my flesh, inhaling no regrets
A diabolic sentence of destruction

Burning I bleed, unholy incision
Mark of the beast, behold the trifixion

Prepare the tool to observe my fate
Upon this mortal shell in
Satan's name I desecrate
Evil controlling the way I die
The mark is what distorts my soul beyond my sanity

In the name of Satan
I condemn this image of god
I am a key!.....

Blessed by the sign, symbolically I die
Intwist me in the lines of trifixion
Torment, semantic in design
Inflict this mortal shrine, with pure hatred
Kill me, before my time is lived
It's all I have to give, to be thankful
Satan, entagled in my sores
Forever I am bound by your conviction

Tri~ Fxion, Tri~ Fixion

[Repeat Chorus
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