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Atrocity - Im In Darkness

Peacefull silence, quake with fear
Deep blue blackness is surrounding me
Leaving you - in the dark
Alone with me in my world of doubt
I'm in darkness
Watching you
Deep blue blackness
Calling thee
Fearing the visions of the deepest past
The deadlynes on my final quest
I'm in darkness
Watching me
Mystic loneliness
Calling thee
Feel the breath right behind yourself!
Taste the foulness in the air!
Running, hiding - another unsafe place
Stalking, seeking,
The noghfall becomes a maze
Cold sweat at every pore
But not being froghtened anymore
Search and find - even if you loose
Your fate and destiny
You're not the one to choose
Solution is so clear
Uncertaintly disappears
I am you, You're me
You feel the intcinct calling thee
I'm the demon, you're the beast
The night, pur playground, is set free
I'm in the darkness
Lost eternally
Deep blue blackness calling me
See the visions from the deepest past
The deadlyness on my finel quest!!!
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