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The Royal Dead

Phantasmagoria was formed in August 2002 by composer Karasu, violinist Aci and singer Har. Phantasmagoria is the one of the first Japanese future pop groups, comprising guitar, violin, and between 2 to 4 female singers when appearing appearing live. In November released their first CD maxi-single “Walpurguis”.

In February 2003 appeared at one of the biggest gothic nights in Tokyo “Tokyo Dark Castle” for the first time, and have repeatedly been invited back ever since becoming one of the most regular and popular performers at this event.

In June were featured in the famous Japanese underground magazine “Burst”. In December Phantasmagoria successfully produced the “Tokyo Dark Castle Christmas Parade”, and wrer featured in the well-known Japanese publication “Gothic Lolita Bible”. In May 2004 Aci organized the first “Kobe Underground Festival”: one of the largest gothic/alternative events ever held in Japan, and a major new development in the history of the Japanese goth/darkwave scene.

In April 2005 Aci appeared on the noise compilation album “C.U.E Compilation 2”, alongside Hans Koch (Switzerland), inBOIL (USA) and more. In May Band contributed 2 tracks to the “Kobe Underground Festival 2004-2005” compilation album, also featuring Sins Of The Flesh (Uk), Mimetic (Switzerland), and more. Aci in the same month organized the second “Kobe Underground Festival”, again featuiring the finest goth, darkwave and industrial acts from across Japan, plus guest international artists. Phantasmagoria undertook a unique live collaboration at this festival with Rick Walker (organiser of the “Live Looping Festival in the US). In July released their second CD maxi-single “Lycanthrope”, and in the October appeared live in Europe for the first time, at the dates in Switzerland. In November band were featured in leading German gothic/industrial magazine Orkus and Switzerland metal magazine Tranzit and more.

In September 2006 Phantasmagoria appeared live at the most of biggest gothic event in the ex USSR, “Chorna Rada Children Of The Night” for the first time, at Kiev Ukraine. In November Phantasmagoria change the unit name. The new name is “The Royal Dead”. In July 2007 TRD will appear live at the most of biggest gothic event middle Europe, in Poland – Castle Party. In February will release their first full album “Phantasmagoria” from Twilight Records, Argentina.

Since 2002, The Royal Dead have emerged as a leading force in the Japanese goth/darkwave scene, through booth their music and their organization/promotion of live events. Combining commercial dance beats with stunning the visual presentation, TRD are quite literally the face of Japanese future pop.

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