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Castle Party 2020
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Sad Orchard

from the album "Ave Rage"
In this dreamless place noone keeps faith
Noone believes in paradise
In this infidel place nobody dreams
Nobody dreams of having a dream

In the sad orchard apples are black
In the sad orchard birds hum a dirge
In this damned graveyard thoughts rest underground
This is the place where love learns to hate

This is the place where you meet your doom
It's a forsaken gloomy oracle
Shadows of barren trees shall tell you that
You have no better future than a homeless dog

Stop thinking, stop dreaming
Your talents are useless here
Stop praying, stop begging
For you are alone, forever alone

In the sad orchard the skies are black
In the sad orchard birds die of cold
In this dead orchard blood sinks into the ground
This is the place where life turns to death
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