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Motorhead - Sex And Death

Here we are still fighting, fighting for our lives,
Danger in the trenches, but we still survive,
We know who we are, we know who we are,
We remember every move, We still bear the scars,
Dont't look for maturity, don't you even dare,
We are our own security, and we don't even care,
We know what we do, we know what we do,
We do what we must and we admire our attitude,
Be damned if you can't handle it,
Hope you break your neck, Sex and Death.

Here we are in trouble, coming every day,
Slaughter in the alley, make our bleeding day,
We know all the rules, we know all the rules,
We know more than you would like,
We ain't in your school,
We are tired of you now, we are sick and tired,
We are tired of hearing you say we should be quite,
You ain't worth a nickle babe, you ain't worth a dime,
We ain't gonna give it up, as long as we got breat,
Sex and Death, The answer to life's mystery is,
Simple and direct, Sex and Death, running down
Down the highway, we ain't tired yet Sex and Death.
Sex and Death.
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