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Motorhead - Red Raw

Monster in the moonlight
Devils in his head
How can they talk so loud
Tonight is his to take nobody knows his face
Something he will not allow
Unseen wet dream steel claw.
Moonshine carmine red raw

Horror in the starlight, faces in the rain,
Killer want to fall in love
Worms in his mind,
Revenous and blind,
Now he starts to feel good.

All blood is his to drink
He takes his fill and more,
Face and hands all red
Drown in sweet, sweet gore,
All blood is his tonight,
He bathes in red delight
And all he wants to do
Is more and more and more

Terror without pity
Fever in his mind
Death, confusion, love and blood,
Looking for a perfect one,
Seek and ye shall find
Crazy and he feels good
Unseen, wet dream, sharp claw,
Moonshine, carmine, red raw.

Monster in the gaslight,
Shivers in the cold, looking for a bad girl
Whimpering and mad
But he ain't feeling bad
Crazy in his own world


Horror in the shadows,
Red and white and dead
Rain is falling in her hair
Now what he loves best.
Head dips to the wounds
Face a scarlet nightmare
Unseen, wet dream, skin crawl
Blade shine, carmine, red raw.

Horror in the twilight
Women run and scream
Killer's gone a long time
Red mask turns to grin,
See the shape he's in
This is what he's born for.

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