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Motorhead - I¹m Your Man

Kilmister - Campbell - Burston - Dee)

Back to back, you see me how
Show me what you¹re hiding here
I can¹t move if I don¹t sing
I can¹t stand I got no chair

Can¹t see me, I¹m the man, ain¹t no joke
Can¹t see me, master plan, up in smoke
Can¹t hear me, I¹m so loud, suits me fine
Can¹t hear me, I ain¹t proud, all the time

Follow me, and don¹t you move
Stop at nothing, show your teeth
I can see you I¹m not deaf
Two years later, twice a week

Can¹t see me, I¹m the man, laid in bed
Can¹t see me, give a damn, Motorhead
Can¹t hear me, up your way, ring your chimes
Can¹t hear me, I can¹t stay, all the time

I can tell you it ain¹t me
I won¹t be no beast up there
Turn me Œround Œcos I can¹t dance
Be a spaceship, I don¹t care

Can¹t hear me, stand up straight, row my boat
Can¹t hear me, hit the deck, fishtail goat
Can¹t see me on the game, ain¹t no crime,
Can¹t see me, aeroplane, all the time
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