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Elysium - Solar Spectacle

calm lovers' crash

both swallowing pain

wound & scar industries

intense indifference

I'm a jester puppet

squalid crumbcollector

hard hours' theorist

stiff pattern reactor

and I struggle for the air

in my lunatic asylum

small breathless space

shy irony king

that's what I am

you crawl in loss for words

drownin' in despair

innocence's torn

with pills, drugs & guns

you feel like live on

with storms by your side

at neon flames horizon

there's nowhere to hide


look what you've done

tell me what went wrong

deep under my skin you creep

poison slowly flows

staring at those hollow halls

sliperry shifts,digged out distrust

never wanted this way to end

never thought this heart's so cold

seems everythins we had is gone

all love is dead

we fall

symphaty's lost

display no regrets

hear no honest truths

anger overflow

fragile sunny moments

unfairly erased

half - speed discouragement

toxic shock syndrome

you feel like live on

with none by your side

down on my knees I/ve realised

you're fuckin' waste of time

the winners of a losers' cup

more still come to after the break
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