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Controlled Collapse - Injection

Controlled Collapse is about to release their debut album "Injection". The duo from Poland brings a mix of electro and EBM. Elbum is expectrd on 23 o March. As a guest vocalists will perform Flesh Field frontwoman Wendy Yanko ("Solitude") and Psyche's Darrin Huss ("Fulfillment"). Album will be released by Noise Terror Productions, the sister label of the almost defunct label Dependent Records.

01. Intro
02. Liar
03. Choice
04. Dreams
05. Insane Asylum (click to listen)
06. Trust [Takes Time]
07. Inject [Syringe Edit] (click to listen)
08. Where Were You
09. Solitude [Featuring Wendy Yanko] (click to listen)
10. Selfless
11. Fulfillment [Featuring Darrin Huss]
12. Memory Of The Past
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