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About the site

DarkPlanet was created to enable contacting and
information exchange for the ‘Dark Culture’ enthusiasts. In oposition
to similar projects, we want to make it possible for every user to
co-create the site, allowing them to add their own articles,
photographs and other works. DarkPlanet is evolving fast and
dynamically.    During the past ten months we have acquired over aten
thousand regular users, and we have been visited by many more. Currently we receive over 150 000 visits on a monthly basis. At
all times, we have approximately 100 regular users and ten times more
guests ...

   Thanks to the accreditations that we receive, DarkPlanet’s reviewers
are present on most of the top cultural events in Europe and more...
Shortly after, their reports and comments appear on the site, allowing
a vast flow of information.

   We are trying to keep our regular user not only with up-todate news
from the "dark world”, but also by acting as a comfortable platform for
their internet-friend society. Thanks to the DarkPlanet they can not
only easilly exchange news and information, but also shop for their
most wanted items: CD’s, games, clothing, jewellry and accessories.

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