Amphi Festival 2020
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Wolfsheim - Tender Days

Prowling streets at night
The moonlight's burning
and I'm feelin' so lonely

Dark and dull my mind
A crying emtiness
I cannnot cope with

I'm yours
You're mine
Our love eternal

One day
you left
my heart in silence

All the merry dreams we lose
We will never know the truth
No shade of doubt, no need for prove
you're my queen and I'm your fool
Remember tender days of youth

You're my sun ... you shine into my heart
Innocent and pure ... you save me from the dark

Youth has come, youth is gone
In every breath i smell your beauty

Deep and true my love for you
like something words I cannot find for

My god! What is it for
you took my love away
Harlequin : Bardzo fajna impreza, dawno się tak nie bawiłem, choć tylko do konca n...
Pinhead_ : A brak piwa na dole wynikł z niedogadania się. Jak się okazało, piwo m...
amorphous : Było super - brawa dla organizatorow i DJ'ow. Jakby jeszcze piwo bylo na d...
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