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Sabaton - Eskulap, Poznań (04.04.2009)

Swedish formation Sabaton, well-known first of all from the love to the Polish history, performed on 4th of April in Eskulap, one of Poznań clubs. As a supporting bands, their countrymen - Bloodbound appear on the stage, together with our native representatives of the metal scene InDespair. I did not wait for this concert. I went there tired, straight from the work and after morning classes at the university. I went because I was curious, and optimistic that, finally I'll get a little rest, drink some beer and see the familiar faces.

The first concert - Polish formation InDespair just started when I
entered the club. I was curious, what is this band because I haven't
heard about them before. They played briefly. And well. Because lousy
sound system, their performance didn't reach to my taste.

The first representatives of the Scandinavian heavymetallers
Bloodbound, didn't interested me in particular. To be honest, I heard
about them, but they escaped my attention somehow. Mistake. Gentleman
proved to be very good at what they do on the stage. Unfortunately,
they did not play long. However, they succeed to create an interesting
atmosphere over these couple of minutes. Obviously they played their
most well-known piece "Nosferatu". I observed them longer time during
the performance and I liked them very much. Rock on Bloodbound! And I
can only scold myself for earlier ignorance in the face of their works.

Finally, after quite a long break, the most awaited powermetallers of
the evening appeared on the stage. I do not know how they do it, but
they fell on the scene with the powerful load of energy which they
dosed in improbable quantities evenly, throughout the whole
performance. Gentlemen banged immediately from the "fat pipe". They
began with "Ghost Division" from their last album: "The Art Of War",
which probably gave them the largest publicity in our country. From
this album, he greatest number of songs appeared during the gig.
Obviously they played the title track and "Union", "Panzerkampf", very
well liked by the audience - "The Price of a Mile" and the most awaited
by me, brilliant "Cliffs of Gallipoli." The crowd sang all the songs
together with the team. I have never seen so many people at the concert
knew the lyrics so well. Stylistics, which is used by the band is
simple, pure, even, quick and rhythmical which makes Sabaton songs
easily accessible to people of all ages. The atmosphere that was built
during gig was full of pathos. Two guitars, one bass, keys, drums,
combined with the loud vocals and dexterous Swedish fingers, composed
with songs in the marching rhythm.

The band performed also songs from their other albums - including "Rise
Of Evil," "Metal Machine", "Into The Fire" & "Attero Dominatus". It
was so good that it's hard to describe. Fans were delighted, sang and
scarves charged with energy. The audience reached the top of the
enthusiasm as soon as it reverberated from the scene: "People Of
Poland! Are You Ready For 40:1?" - The piece, which is known to all
those who have ever deal with this band. It did not also lack the
flagship piece, ”Primo Victoria", or falling in the ear equally well -
and therefore ideal for singing at concerts "Panzer Battalion".
-Vocalist Joakim - the most active person on the stage (and probably in
the hall) a torpedo man! With strong, male, low and very loud voice. It
was evident that maintaining contact with the audience makes him great
joy. During almost every song he called, cried and explained something.
A smile does not disappear from his face.

Musicians themselves did not conceal emotion, surprise and joy on the
reaction of the crowd. I hope that they did not expect so warm
acceptance. Some moments inflicted the impression thy were lightly
disorientated with this whole situation. You can see that the guys love
what they do, indeed they fit to do so perfectly, is nice to look and
listen to something like this.

Of course, there were also drawbacks to this event. Prevailing
stuffiness was simply unbearable. Prices in the bar were enormous for
the quality of beverages sold there. It was to choose and to experience
a great concert. For me, this will be an unforgettable evening for a
long time.

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