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Over 40 bands confirmed on Masters of Rock 2009

The Pragokoncert Agency completes dramaturgy of this year´s edition of the biggest summer open-air festival in the heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic - Masters Of Rock! It´s going to be again summer feast of great music in whole four holiday days – 9. - 12.7. 2009 in the traditional area of Rudolf Jelínek´s distillery in the heart of the Wallachian Kingdom, in Vizovice (near Zlin). Many big, shining world´s rock and metal stars are coming to create great and again unforgettable music event in the middle of warm July! Masters Of Rock is going to be again incredibile interesting. The headliner of the festival is Finnish band Nightwish, who will play here only one, exclusive show for the Czech Republic until 2011! Other greate bands witch are to perform on MoR 2009 are: Blind Guardian, Europe, Stratovarius, Tiamat and Deathstars.
Masters Of Rock Festival belongs among the major festivals in Europe to which the fans come from many countries in the world. The organising Pragokoncert Agency has till now ticket orders from a total of 28 countries: Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, USA, Switzerland, UK, Estonia, Serbia, Egypt, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Romania, France, Lithuania, Ireland, Spain, Ukraine, France and Latvia.  "Masters" will be full of flags in the air and new international friendships!
See confirmed bands so far:

NIGHTWISH (metal/ rock - Finland)

BLIND GUARDIAN (metal /rock /progessive - Germany)

EDGUY (rock/ metal - Germany)

EUROPE (rock - Sweden)

RAGE (heavy/speed/power metal - Germany)

STRATOVARIUS (power metal - Finland)

ARCH ENEMY (metal - Sweden)

DRAGONFORCE (metal/ rock/ progressive - Great Britain)

SHAAMAN + Gocmen Symphony Orchestra of Turkey (Brasil)

KORPIKLAANI (metal /folk /thrash - Finland)

IN EXTREMO (folk metal - Germany)

TIAMAT (gothic/rock/ metal - Sweden)

KATAKLYSM (death metal - Canada)

VOIVOD (trash metal - Canada)

DEATH ANGEL (thrash /metal /rock - USA)

DEATHSTARS (industrial/ gothic/ metal - Sweden)

EVERGREY (metal - Sweden)

AXXIS (power metal - Germany)

HEAVEN SHALL BURN (metalcore - Germany)

LEGION OF THE DAMNED (trash/ death metal - Netherlands)

DIE HAPPY (rock/ pop/ alternative - Germany)

THE SORROW (metal/ rock - Austria)

SCHANDMAUL (rock/ folk - Germany)

KISSIN´DYNAMITE (rock/ metal - Germany)

CRUCIFIED BARBARA (rock/ metal - Sweden)

ELUVEITIE (Death /Folk/ Metal - Switzerland)

KEEP OF KALESSIN (black - Norway)

AUDREY HORNE (melodic hard rock -

BLOWSIGHT (pop/ metal/ punk -

CALLEJON (metalcore -

KREYSON (metal/ rock - Czech Republic)

Czech Republic)

MÒÁGA A ®ÏORP (alternatywna/ rock -
Czech Republic)

FLERET (folk rock -
Czech Republic)

TLESKAÈ (ska/ punk -
Czech Republic)

NIL (rock/ alternatywna -
Czech Republic)

INTERITUS (metal -
Czech Republic)

GATE CRASHER (rock/ grunge -
Czech Republic)

INNOCENS (muzyka liryczna /muzyka klasyczna — operowa i wokalna /Rock -
Czech Republic)

BETHRAYER (metal/ trash/ harcore - Czechy
Czech Republic)

Camping on official festival camps is for free, Pilsner Urquell beer only 1,5,- Eur, great music, great people... what more you can want?

 Tickets for this spectacular summer rock and metal feast are available on : - section tickets - Austria - Germany - Poland - Hungary

For more information please visit the

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