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Opeth - Masters Apprentice

Master apprentices


There is a voice calling for me

There is a light coming down on me

There is a doubt that is clearing

There is a day that is dawning

There is a wound that is healing

There is a season waiting for me

There is a road that is turning

There is a fire still burning

A sickness in me

Constant pace towards the end

The need is stronger

This time the need is deeper

There is a peace I am searching

There is a freedom I'm depending on

There is a pain that's never ending

There is a rain falling only on me

There is a dream I am living

There is a life I'm dreaming of

There is a death I'm awaiting

There is a home I am deserting

I hold my breath in wait

Only moments remain

Movement for departed hope

Effect for absent friends

Sever the faith from my body

Leave me begging for more

Take what I have and deliver me

Into everlasting sleep

Soothing trance

Colours fade

And disappear

Ethereal light

Showing me what I can do without

In a motionless scene

There is only me

I take what I can

Controlling you to get ahead

Fading away

And leaving

Long for sleep

Closer now

Lead the way into death

Every wretched dream

I've left behind

Every waking hour

I lie in wait

Sucked inside by will

Gone into the flood

All my questions unfurled

As I was put to the test

Once I'm below there's no turning back

Plunging into the deepest void

Departed shell left drained behind

Pacing roads unknown

Searching for a new home

Desert in my eye

Barren lands inside
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