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Graveland - Till The Final Death

The ones who feed wolves
Arrived at frosty winter
Their roars of rage and triumph
Desecrated the eternal silence
Waking up ancient powers
Where war was not known
In iron armours
Demons of war and fight
Raise a song of war

Cutting christian throats
Burning and laying to waste
Cursed each death
We will mark with blood and fire
The return of ancient
Creed of war and steel

In cruelty we find our strength
Paying for victory with blood
Filthy carcass of slaves
We will leave for scavengers

As I look at my bloody hands
I swear the day of my birth
I think about my home
And family that are far away
But I am beyond
The point of no return

And only will of fight remains
As eternal laws of death and life say
Eternal call of war
Eternal pursuit of the enemy
Till it's final death

Cold hatred consumes my heart
I hate christ's slaves
I sacrifice their blood
To our mother earth
And to Gods of war
I am the one they are waiting for
Without mercy
Barbarian from the north

Always with a sword hardly hold
In a panzer fist
Ready for bloody fights
In pitiless eternal pursuit
Of human game
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