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Castle Party 2020
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Diorama - Someone dies

am I talking? are you paying attention?
are these question to be asked
whe someone dies?
am I describing a picture that's
slowly fading
and are we paling along these
fields of grey?

the play goes on
and my eyes will beam with gladness
what can be done
to fill the rigid rooms with movement?
have you been wrong
to just stop breathing without cause?
when all is gone
can I choose to follow you?

what else can be done?
you stare into the depth
if there lies a ground if there was
an eruption if it's too late
you cry yourself pale you shine
what can be done?

the play goes on

what brought us here? are we in need of help?
are we drunk enough to fit into the scheme?
am I steady? do I look consistent?
have we amassed enough insignificance?

the play goes on
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