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Dimmu Borgir - Allegiance

Cuddled through a cold womb he was

Pitch black and without sunshine rays

Hell patiently awaiting him on blood-spilled soil

A noble grief-stirred heart, always ready to die

In sinister systematization, submission is golden

As an apprentice to violence, slaughter and bloodshed

He was like an object that is being processed

A force-fed destructor ready for abomination

The vast solitude in him witnessed it all

Those self-afflicting eyes

And their fear-painted faces

Made out of utter discipline, failure unacceptable

Hosts to oblivion

Exploring the darkest of places

Stench of rotten flesh breathing down his neck

Every day seemed like an endless night

When would he ever wake from this void

No other voice than hin own will ever tell

What was real and where he had been

What he had done

Did you bleed for the cause

Like the rest of his men

Did you capturethe euphoria

How it was like to kill

Such a necromantic force behind it all

They sure did battle till the end

But when came all the glory

And who got spared to carry his body

Just pure death and too profound to be shared

Was it all a fabricated vision in his memory

To serve the wastelands of insanity

At the front

Like forever lost its innocence

Never to see the light of day again

He pondered his last few steps

Into the realms of death

With his hand bloodstained

Courage and consistency

Bravery and valor

Honor and pride

For what was it all worth

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