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Vital Remains - Nocturnal Blasphemy


Awakened by nocturnal cries
Summoned to rise when the full moon rise
Sancrosanctious blood inhumanity dies

Nocturnal blasphemy

Breaking through the Vatican's walls
Premature souls back from the dead
Paying their visit blasphemous calls
Placed upon the altar gifts of rotting flesh

Nocturnal Blasphemy

Creating pandemonium within the chapel
Molesting the crucifix demon's lurk
Pissing out bloody urine poisoning water
Sacrilegious baptism to the devil a daughter

Scriptures torn/Bibles burned/Altars upturned
Chalice smashed/Bloodsoaked robes

Darkened hatred/Evil sins/Tortured souls
Darkness lifts evil spirits

Nocturnal blasphemy
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