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Vital Remains - Ressurrected

Doomed to an after life of pain
Seeing your life start to drain
Can not deny the reasons that you are here
Now your horrid death is clear

Enclosed in a casket-Reeking stench of death
Entombed by darkness-Your body is slowly decaying
By the powers of Satan-Summoned up to take away
Your rotting soul lives-Resurrected

Deceased for a short period of time
Laying fertile discharging slime
Body entombed apparition's curse
Now your soul has dispersed

I bestow upon you, you must
Grant me my wish, I can not
Linger on much longer, you must
Resurrect me......For the after life of pain

Among the dead I bleed every ounce of blood
Wanting resurrection and all evil damnation
Relieving from my carcass is a dismal soul
The unholy quest begins for immortality

Resurrected from my grave
From my body, my soul's escaped
Infernal void of putrid hate
Upon the exhumed I defecate

Resurrected from my grave
From my body my soul's escaped
Granted the first power of immortality
Reborn through the dismal fog
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