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Tiamat - Best Friend Money Can Nuy

we drank as much as we couldand she drank more than she shouldwe sumbled out of this cheap whiskey barand that is the story so far
guided by the dim streetlightswe walked through the black harbour nightno people, no passing carwell, that is the story so far
-she things she smells the northland snownorthland snowand she`s as glad as i to goay, to gohey very bolts are sick for shoresick for shoreand i, i want it ten times moreten times more-
she silenced her mouth when i asked for her nameand she asked me please do the sameshe said it`a all written in the starsand that is the story so far
but she whispered her name when i kissed her goodbyeher voice stained by whiskey and tarshe went back to where she belonged, and ii went back to the bar
your dance like liquid firelike crystal methedrineyou make the stars come closerthe most beautiful girl i`ve seen
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