Amphi Festival 2020
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Silentium - Lament (Remake)

Alone and dressed by night

cold winds were filled with fright

And I, the woeful wonderer, with sin upon my shoulders

Would you show me how to feel, how to hurt and how to bleed

Like the rose thorns through my heart,

every moment rips me apart

I would give my everything, if I could fly, if I had wings

And when I end my mortal days, you'll be flying above my grave

My mortal child of night, you'll be gone by first dawn light

As I saw you in my dreams, my angel with broken wings

Let me rest upon your arms, safe from world and safe from harms

Like the blaze of thousand sunsets, that sears upon your soul

My darling before you came,

my days were dark and filled with pain

But there's time for every flame,

to burn out in the dark...

One day my fallen one, you'll spread your wings and learn to fly

My tears lament you're gone, you'll combrace the open sky
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