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Silentium - I Bleed For

"... Alas, do not fear the wounds in my flesh, but embrace me, for in my heart is the wound that doeth the bleeding..."

Contemptio in nomen tuum

Incendere in infernus

Dance for me your last

Before I wither and die

Your shivering lips to me

It's for you I bleed

Cover me with beauty

As I carry my chains

I'm drowning in your cruelty

But lust rips my veins

Symphonia carnalis (bella et permunt hostilia)

In tenebrae aeternum (pulcher sicut tua)

Kiss away my tears

And I'll suffocate you

Awoke my fears

It's for you I bleed...

Hold this beast in thine arms - For christ

Don't fear my wounds and scars - I shall suffer

If wounded by a thousand swords - For you

It's still you i bleed for - I shall bleed
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