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Rammstein - Fog

Translation To: Nebel)

They stand with their arms tightly around each other
A mixture of flesh, so rich in days
Where the sea touches the land
She wants to tell him the truth

But the wind eats her words
Where the sea ends
She holds his hand, trembling
And kissed him on the forehead

She carries the evening in her chest
And knows that she must wither away
She lays her head in his lap
And asks for a last kiss

And then he kissed her
Where the sea ends
Her lips, delicate and pale
And his eyes tear up

The last kiss
Was so long ago
The last kiss
He does not remember it anymore
Violator : jako że Mendy z Cieszyna nawaliły to nie muszę nikogo z dworca odbie...
elektronik_tk : wpadnie sie na troszku :)
Attack : wstęp free gra dla Was w klimatach 80s, DM dj Slavo oraz set DM/syn...
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