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Castle Party 2020
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Project Pitchfork - Box Of Steel

hello my name is rat 41
all my life i've been sitting in this box of steel
to my left sits someone whom i like
'cause he doesn't scream
as loud as the one on my right

this monkey over there
screams night and day
'cause they ripped his skin off
and chained him in a soap bath

why do you treat your shit
so much better than us again and again
do you really think we like that?!

they turned a cat inside out
to make their testes on living things

living in a cage without hope
we can feel the pain

a monster came and cut his throat
so he starts to rattle every time
he breaths - poor dog

see the rabbit he cries
throughout holes which once were eyes
are you soulless yes you're soulless
yes we think you are soulless
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