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Prodigy - YBE

f/ B.G. (Cash Money Millionaires)


.. much more than you asked

So many years and tears, the blood and sweat that fell

Now it speak for itself

I be the same nigga.. (get rich nigga)

Uh-huh, get yours nigga, get yours nigga..

We take yours nigga..

Yo, yo I can see it Dunn, yo let's be it Dunn

and we can manifest all the cash we ever dreamed of

It's the cream I love, for the team I shove

all fakeness and everything else to far away from us

Ain't no discussin for the plush life

My niggaz go hard and knock y'all down to survive

In this jungle, wilderness, we was raised

by the wolves and the scavengers, instincts like a animal

But it toughened us, put a whole lot of thug in us

And it paid off, cause can't none of y'all fuck with us

Don't get it twist, I know, anyone can get touched

but uhh - my style of Dunn is too quick to bust

and too swift to just, talk in angles to

Let me straighten that shit out for you, peep it

I'm the Head Nigga In Charge, the best kept secret

We killers, but chill Dunn (shhh) that's best kept secret

Let's not jump off the topic, we talkin bout cash

Fuckin with mines'll be, much more than your ass

So many years and tears and blood and sweat that fell

This dirt underneath my fingernails speak for itself

I be the same if I had billions

You couldn't understand my pain if you lived it

Give me the riches, and all of my Dunns'll be drivin

It's beautiful to see the click, live comfortable

{*Chorus: Prodigy and B.G.*

[P] To the Young Black Entrepeneurs

[B.G.] Get rich, get money, get paper, get paid

Keep yourself laced, and get your ones

Get your Dunns out the slums

[P] To the Young Black Entrepeneurs

[B.G.] Get dollars, get cash, straight up don't get fucked

Get your bucks, and get big

Stash your first millions and live off the interest

[P] To the Young Black Entrepeneurs

[P] To the Young Black Entrepeneurs


When I hit the block, pistol on my side, bundle of dope in my socks

Dime bags of powder, sack of twenty dollar rocks

I'ma hustler, I was taught be bout green

Therefore, I got to have it by all means

I be thuggin, B.G. was raised that way

Can't see me bein a hoe, you'll get played that way

If I'm broke, you got coke, unhands that yay

Be a man, don't break it off, gotta blast that K

Drama, I love that, I bring that shit

Dick get hard off that shoot-em-up and bang bang shit

I'm Mobb Deep, with this click that I'm with, believe that

Disrespect us if you want, we bang for feedback

Glock got a bad mouth, when it start it don't stop

Black talons go straight through the heart and close shop

I'ma guerilla, I run with jackers and gangsters

Convicted felons, and believe we armed and dangerous

It gets real, I'm prepared for whatever it come to

Let me catch ya with your drawers down, I'ma down you

Police will find you in a project dumpster

withcha dick cut off, stuffed in your mouth motherfucker

I don't care, about you or no nigga that you fuck with

Alla y'all can slip and get your head busted

B.Geezy love this, gangsta shit nigga

Whoever I beef with I creep and spank ya quick nigga

{*Chorus* 2X
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