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New Model Army - 1984 1984 Produced by New Model Army

I'm heading north I'm heading home
Doing 125
I close my eyes and count to ten
Ha Ha Yeah I'm still alive
Perfect Perfect tunnel vision
Razor sharp and racing racing
These moments, immortal
No one touches this
These things they flow
As blood must flow
Dust to dust and wind must blow
Nothing that I need to know
Or ever understand
These things they flow
as blood must flow
Dust to dust and wind must blow
You can die before you get old
But me, I'm going to live forever
The music plays, the party swings
The gaiety walls come closing in
I catch your eye, you take my hand
Out into the night we run
Dancing down those deadend streets
Howling at the moon like little kids
Out on the grass at the top of the hill
Your breath tastes sw ...
These things they flow ...
And If I say I hate this place
Don't take it as personal
And just cos I want to kill somebody
Doesn't mean to say that I will
And I don't think that that
Makes me crazy
And anyway I'm way past caring
There's a ride leaves out of here at 9.00
What do you say, what do you say
Tonight we'll flow ...
Bogini_Galaktyk : Na Turbo jechać warto zawsze i wszędzie :D A obstawa jest całkiem o...
Benjamin_Breeg : (...)które na bank za chwilę wystąpią w Poznaniu znając życie. (...
cross-bow : Ciebie może niczym, ale mi skład odpowiada bardzo;) Szczególnie Chris...
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