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Judas Priest - Genocide


Mercenary batalions
Are poised to strike us down
Terminations conquest
Upon us now full grown

* Save me, my heart's open wide
Help me, no question of pride
Save me, my people have died
Total genocide

Devastation hungers
She waits to leap to earth
Imminent liquidation
Before the ground rebirth


Sin after sin I have endured
Yet the wounds I bear
are the wounds of love

Frantic mindless zombies
Grab at fleeting time
Lost in cold perplexion
Waitin' for the sign

Generations tremble
Clinin' face to face
Helpless situation
To end the perfect race

Slashin' senseless sabers
Cut as to the ground
Eager for the life blood
Of all who can be found


Slice to the left, slice to the right
None of the retaliate, none will fight
Chopping at the hearts, snuffin' out lives
Race depart no one will survive
Heads to the feet, feet to the air
Soul in the soil, heavy in despair
End of all ends, body into dust,
To greet death, extinction is a must
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