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Judas Priest - Judas Rising

White bolts of lightning

Came out of nowhere

Blinded the darkness

Creating the storm

War in the heavens

Vengeance ignited

Torment and tempest

Attacks like a swarm

Forged out of flame from chaos to destiny

Bringer of pain forever undying

Judas is Rising

Eternal betrayer

Ice cold and evil

Taking no prisoners

Dark prince of the world (?)

Humanity trembles

Enslaving you sinners (?)

You can't beg for mercy

For none will be saved

The burden of shame (?)

Echos the prophecy

Ascending from Hell

Forever despising

Judas is Rising

Apprentice revealed (?)

Deceivers are crying (?)

My crucified steel


Judas is Rising

Judas is Rising
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