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Dark Tranquillity - Fiction

Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity returne with new album named "Fiction". The estimted release date is April 2007. The album was mixed by Tue Madsen (Himsa, The Haunted) and contains all the features on which the band arose: thought-provoking lyrics, brutality and finest guitar work. On the side small version of the artwork that will appear on their new album.
The new album contains the following numbers:

1. Nothing To No One
2. The Lesser Faith
3. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
4. Blind At Heart
5. Icipher
6. Inside The Particle Storm
7. Empty Me
8. Misery´s Crown
9. Focus Shift
10. The Mundane And The Magic

Japan bonus track: A closer end
Australia bonus track: Winter triangle

Listen to "Focus shift" on our MySpace page by clicking here.
Alternatively, listen to it at

The limited edition of the album will include a bonus DVD with live songs, behind the scene footage, last album’s “The New Build” promo video and the brand-new “Focus Shift” clip. In addition, the disc will feature an extended booklet layout.

Currently known release dates for "Fiction":

North America: Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Sweden: Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Benelux / Italy: April 20, 2007.
UK / France / Spain / Denmark / Norway / Rest of Europe: Monday, April 23, 2007.
Finland / Hungary: Wednesday, April 25, 2007.
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