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CLOSTERKELLER is the most renowned 'atmospheric rock' band in Poland.
They began they musical career in 1988, playing rather heavy sounds under the banner of the British New Wave. Initially, performing at numerous young band competitions, the group did not achieve much recognition. Yet their music was developing. The following year - 1989 - is a memorable one to the band. That year they won all the major music competitions in Poland. During the twelve years of CLOSTERKELLER'S career the band came to be perceived as a cult group in the independent musical scene in Poland. The band gained enormous popularity among Polish audiences of all kinds. Their music is appreciated by listeners young and old: metal-admirerers, gothic-lovers as well as pop music fans. There is no doubt that the reason of this is the stylistic diversity of their songs. Since their debut their music has evolved from morbid cold wave sounds, an infatuation with heavy metal, to a psychedelic and a little dizzy pop rock, with elements of gothic rock and even techno music. Despite this musical variety CLOSTERKELLER has an easily distinguishable characteristic style and the band stands out in the prime class of Polish rock music. What is to be noted is that they kept their position as a most famous and popular band in spite of the rather unpopular features of their music. Their songs are intellectually demanding, mystical, poetic; their strongest points are poignant lyrics of an alluring dark melancholy beauty (Violette, A ona, ona, Silence in her Home, Sin, Nero, Watching as You Drown).
The head of the band is the vocalist, Anja Orthodox, one of the most original and interesting personalities of the Polish music scene. Not only her deep, beautiful voice, her original interpretations of the lyrics and the music, her unique style of singing but also her strong personality, in private life as well (a fact which often causes opinions such as "controversial") make her one of the most arresting Polish artists. She is also an author of unusual, very poetic but often spicy lyrics, which make her belong to the group of the most brilliant poets of Polish rock...
CLOSTERKELLER also does great playing live... They have performed many times on the biggest scenes in Poland, also supporting such stars as Jethro Tull, Cocteau Twins, Clan Of Xymox, Diary Of Dreams or Paradise Lost. Their concerts are fantastic performances - a mixture of a spontaneous rock show, a poetic atmosphere and a mystic ritual (which also makes them close to gothic rock bands). The musical perfection of performance and playing, the brilliant compositions and arrangements - simply the beautiful music, makes their concerts unforgettable experiences!

Anja Orthodox - vocals
Michał Rollinger - keyboards
Gerard Klawe - one of the best drummers of younger generation
Freddie - guitar
Pucek - bass guitar


„Purple” (1989),
„Blue” (1990),
„Agnieszka” (EP, 1993),
„Violet” (1993),
„Scarlet” (1995)
„Cyan” (1996),
„Koncert’97” (1997) - live,
"Graphite" (1999),
"Fin de siecle" (2000) - acoustic live
"Pastel" (2001) - ("The Best of...")
"Act III (live 2003)" - DVD (2003)

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