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Clan Of Xymox - Internal Darkness

Sunshine, I wait for dawns recurrent light
I ponder in my narrow house and warm myself
Moonlight, calmly shines through the night
I stare at these old photographs, my heart beats fast

I find no peace to read or write
My soul is lost, my spirits down
Theres no one in the dark
My little world has lost its light

The dim serene, I cant escape at all and my thoughts reveal
I cant forget the better days behind closed doors
Im still confused and longing for

Behind these lowered window blinds
Im holding back the tears and find
I think I shall never know
Why Im like this and you are so

We all grow, what happened through the years where dreams lie still
I tried to change it all and found dreams lie dead
I cant redo it all again
Diesel : Być może to była pierwsza w historii impreza biforowo-afterowa :wink:
TatumiMorgan : Była zarąbista :twisted: to nic że godzinę potem szłam do pracy 8...
rozbit : uff to nie ja Byłem już na kilku imprezach na których grałeś i Ci...
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