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Bathory - When Our Day Is Through

You're running at too great a pace

You're hurruing way too fast these days

I wish there was a way that i could turn back time and then set off a new start

I wish that I could make you understand what really always kept us apart

Baby through the walls would stand

There was enough of cracks to let the rain come in

Maybe that's why I never held your hand

Because it all began where it all begins

You know it was a hard thing to do to forget when I always would see you

It's funny how we always seem to end up hurting someone when our day is through

You're speeding too fast for me now

You're leaving you were always lost somehow

It's like we always seemed to bet on different horses

Arriving as the other one would leave

It's as it our fired fed from different sources

I would be up missing you while you'd sleep


You know it was...

You know it was...

And I realise I always seemed to hurt much more than you
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