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U2 - I Feel Free

(hear the spin...whoa!)

I was aching, the darkest night

To give up in the darkness of the night

So you enter to give me love

Ill be there when you get things on tonight

I...feel free

And i...i, I feel free

I feel free, yeah

I wanna hear you talk

Hear your sweet talk

I wanna love you talk

I wanna feel free

Yeah, feel free

Baby give me your love

Give it to me, you know

Your love...

I...feel free

Oh where did you go now

Oh where did you go

I couldnt tell you, love

Digging to love you, baby

Digging your love

I wanna took you down

I feel free

Isnt a not to baby

Dont you know that

I love it the time is on you know

And i...feel free


I...feel free

I...i feel free
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