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U2 - Heaven Hell

Once you get a chance

You come to baby

Right back, you call me down

Used to think you wanted nothing to do

Was to say nothing at all

You went like the one time

A two time

Youre back, and me

Drop off the back seat

Of a bad car

Where finders

Came alone

Bono: "f"

Wishing her out of my life

Wishing her...

What am I to do

Came a talk to street

And a time that you listen

Dont you beg the time on me

They said you oughta call her back

I wanna, but afraid to say

I wont hang up on you baby, child

Nothing feels like this before

Here in in my life

Yeah in heaven and hell

Baby youre heaven and hell

Heaven and hell

Bono: "f"

Oh, heaven and hell

All the time...

Want a chance to hold you

Want a chance to kill

I want a chance to keep you awake at night

When the sunlight burns through your love

But you cant always get

Everything you want

You take cards from all under the table

Youre heaven, heaven and hell

Baby youre heaven...heaven and hell

Yeah, youre heaven...heaven and hell

Cover me...

Bono: "e!"

Bono: "okay organ. just organ."


You light up my darkness

You light up my darkness

And open up...

Bono: "f"

Bono: "organ."

Bono: "this time when we come in, come in a little bit quietly. not the drums, but everyone else."

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