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Thy Art Murder - I'll Show You God

Turn your face away from your god.Nothing can save you from this.Suck it up bi*ch, I'm going to fu**ing own you.You're fu**ed.Say your prayers, fall to your knees.Look at this face.
There's no such thing as a god.Motherf**ker, open your eyes.There's no such thing as a god.
I'm inflicting bloodshed upon bi**hes,Just because I hate the female race.There's no remorse.There's no remorse in me.
I keep wanting to burn my name onto the gospel.Or burn the Bible to hell.Religion is a futile attempt to abstain from loosing your mind.There's no remorse in my eyes.Women were born to be fu**ed.
For some men,The power to destroy a lifeBecomes a quest for dominance.I need to own this world.I need to own this world!
Murder beginsWhere your self-defense ends.
Look in my bloodshot eyesAnd feel the presence of hell.
Your life amounts to nothing.Lifeless sl*t, in love with God.Do you believe there's a god in this lifetime?Do you believe in God?
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