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Skinny Puppy - First Aid

those fortunate risk fate to alleviate a fear from within
clawing to trust someone monogamy sits uneasily ice that don't heat
freeze howl hollow howl in vast space all light displaced we can kill
desire albatross worn subvert to twist and old poem tick tick tick tick
tick altruistically we've come a long way man and woman raping from
the earth worming what it's worth right wing ricochet displays the
evolution of decay just go away infant hospital winged protection
infected the new born dreams a life that cannot be intuitive grease
paint drooling to relate all of lifes mistakes hitting in the face
orchard putrid smile head of state state headless states of being as
right up against what's wrong the disease believes to push away
normality alone with virtue what's there left to do a virus threads
poetry written time dogmatically lifes plague the first aid acquired
deficiency spreading it aimlessly have heart crash course caustic
dripping gins the reaper body count intensify getting weaker moisten
the soul away clouded and vague throw free love to history masters of
nothing living's now a precious aim
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