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Skinny Puppy - Candle

here falls now undone looks beyond the credits sum livid fractures less of fate
the whisper winds blow the seed of hate
disturbed society dogs my turn with no values intend to raise ability tried and
tested pointless view gods got security
hands like snakes sow the seeds
raise all negative force-fed traces poisons all impure
profane the haunted heaven jeering leapt into the pit of calamity
a mean condition no wealth dents provisions for a time unknown
thelemic gestures all planned and hatched in seasons of dissolute pain
cried afflicted and infected oblige the systems perfect dream
distorted my words assume all that is programmed before and somewhat left
unsaid behind shutters
dirt before desire dusted crap ingested comes
stealing life that you are not visited warped torpedo night crawls through
the distant and irrelevant a good life's experiment fused
I'm laying violent hands upon a dead card calling cattle the playthings are so
abused the derelict dial phone clock pusher
delved in reliving the future too
I'm sticking pins and needles in this stinging rotten fleshlike substitute
pieces of half cooked meat that are
walking on this earth abort desire irrelevance ticks in front in view
a candle rhyme to realign burnt out candles on the wall seize the moment...
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