Castle Party 2020
Wracać wciąż do domu Le Guin
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Scoring system

The scoring system is very easy. You can get the points by publishing posts, articles, pictures and other stuff on the site. Each kind of content has different score. Here is the example of how many points you can get:

Forum's post: 1
Blog entry: 10
Music article: 60
Poem: 1
Novel: 20
Pub or club review: 15
Song lyrics: 15
Book review: 70
Movie: 70
Review: 20
Gig or concert in calendar: 25
Essay: 100
Concert review: 70
Interview 90 points
Band description: 20
Picture in gallery: 5
Vote on article: 1

You can also get the points just by filling in your profile:

For adding avatar you can get as many as 50 points.
By filling fields like city, interests, music bands and so you can get points for each entry.
Other fields: 10 points each.

Your points are updated every hour. You can check your point's amount in your profile or compare it with other users here.

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