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Mother Love Bone - Crown Of Thorns

written by Wood and Mother Love Bone

you ever heard the story, of mister faded glory
say he who rides the pony must someday fall
i been talkin to my alter it says life is what you make it
and if you make it death well rest your soul away, away, away
it's a broken kinda feelin, should have to tie me to the ceiling
a bad moons-a-comin better say your prayers
i wanna tell her that i love her but does it really matter
i just can't stand to see you dragging down again, again, again
this is my kinda love
it's the kind that moves on
it's unkind and leaves me alone
i used to treat you like a lady, now you're a substitute teacher
this bottles not a pretty, not a pretty sight to see
i owe the man some money so i'm turning over honey
you see mister faded glory is once again doin time
repeat chorus
repeat chorus
like a crown of thorns, its all who you know
so don't burn your bridges woman cause someday
repeat chorus etc....
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