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Morbid Angel - Dominate

Music : Azagthoth/Lyrics : Vincent)

Weak aside - no place for those our struggle
Leaves behind
Our Lord won¹t tolerate those whom through
Attrition fall

We must dominate !

With iron through our veins and a will made so elite
Hunting for our daily bread and the sinister close in sight
Hunger always drives the beast and the women fall prey

Leading all the wonderers to certain fate
Another victim reviled
I¹m staring at you through the eyes of the wolf
Tell me who is going to save you now !

Animal sense ever alert
Praise be to the father-war
As a servant I am serving myself and I bathe in anticipation
Unless you taste it you could never know
All the power our Lord bestow
With a bow and a kiss profane
Be a victor or be a victim
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