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Metal Church - The Powers That Be


It's more than understanding to realize just what it means
Interpretations different meanings can be drawn out of anything
It all makes sense now I to see it clear {yeah, this is what it says}
The picture comes together and I have lost the fear
Your heart is the key
The powers that be
Are handed to me
There is no suit of armor to protect you from the dark
Just let your guard down and the sword will hit the mark
The words get twisted you hear the lies
Just take a look around you and pray they realize
Your heart is the key
The powers that be
My sanctuary
It's not what you wear it's what in mind
It's not worth the emptiness inside
I have left all blackness behind
No more questions about black and white
A gift of free will, the choice is all up to you
Just let your faith rule and you will know what to do
The cults grow stronger I'll stay away
I'm looking at tomorrow now I know the way
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