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Manowar - Shell Shock R Friedman J Demaio


I don't know

Well, there's no charge for the haircut

And the bullets come free

My Uncle Sam send a letter, said:

He's got a mission for me

Now I'm a ranger, not a stranger

And I live in Saigon

We've got a team of special forces

And we deliver napalm

But if they tell you that I've lost my mind

Baby it's not gone just a little hard to find

About the time this letter gets home

I'd be gone, gone, yeah gone

And if they tell you that I'm F.I.A.

Think a little less about me each day

'Cause if I ever get back

I'll be shell shocked, whoa

Shell shocked, yeah

Feels funny riding in my car

Used to drive a tank and shoot a B.A.R.

I know I'm home

But I feel gone,gone, yeah gone

Now it's over and the homeland's safe

Got a purple heart to show the world I'm brave

The businessmen sat home

Well I got shell shocked, whoa

Shell shocked, whoa

Shell shock

Shell shock

Shell shock
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