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London After Midnight - YOUR BEST NIGHTMARE

Long after midnight on a night like this
I´d sit by my black light and dream of your kiss
pulsating music fills my room and my head
and I´d dream what it would be like
with you in my bed
I´m your best nightmare
and then it happened, you were in my arms
your lips on my throat
your hands on my...on my...
two bodies together, the intimate sin
the pain and the pleaure could do mortals in
how could you know what I´m thinking of
to me lust can be as beautiful as love
here tonight your pure heart and soul
untainted passion should have no control
she asked me if I...
and I told her the truth,
said "I´m sorry it takes me longer than you"
then she smiled and blushed
and continued to grind
and promised to make me go out of my mind
returning her promise she came to a halt
licking my lips I tasted her salt
then she sat up and gasped and clutched at her breast
I thought she was coming
I never guessed that...
as she grew pale as white as a flower
she collapsed on the floor
and was dead in an hour
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