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James D. Stark

James D. Stark is an independent artist based in the Rose City of Portland,Oregon.He broke into the Synthpop scene in 2004 with his internationally recognized album "Fortress of Solitude". All writing, production and musical performance is carried out solely by Stark, inspiring remixes from Assemblage 23 and Pigface drummer Martin Atkins, and earning him radio play on dark alternative radio programs in the US and abroad. Stark has shared the stage with fellow Synthpop artists Syrian and Wave in Head, and his music has been mixed into the sets of Goth/Industrial DJs at clubs around the world.

Adding a tranquil and soothing touch to the sounds of Gothic and
Darkwave, Stark has created his own genre of vibrant and emotional
"Romantic Synthpop". His influences include European Electro and
Synthpop artists such as Depeche Mode, Seabound and Wolfsheim, and his
music has been compared to VNV Nation, Iris and De/Vision.

His latest album, entitled "Music of the Night", delves deeper into
his trademark dark-romantic style. The opening track,"Ready", is passionate and erotic,while the lyrics of "Savior" tell a story of pure devotion against a captivating and dreamlike setting. With powerful vocals full of depth and clarity, the album takes the listener through a heartfelt and mesmerizing journey, delivering a seductive message of raw adoration.

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