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Inkubus Sukkubus - All Along The Crooked Way

Underneath the darkened sky
All along the crooked way
The same story once again
Of sorrow and of pain
One fool in a dream
One black-hearted queen
A tale of unrequited love
Thats written in tears, written in blood
She smiles, he cries
He begs, but she denies
As tonight becomes tomorrow
All joy will turn to sorrow

This is a tale of a succubus
A tale of love, pain and lust
And death, and death!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Where theres love, there is lust
Where theres a boy to give his heart
Theres a woman to tear it apart
Where theres giving, theres taking
Theres faking, and theres breaking
Where theres trust deceits right there
The dream becomes the nightmare!

To despair shell take him
A shadow shell make him
Before hi, the open grave
On his wrist, the razor blade
Young man, hang your head and cry
Its time to suffer, time to die
Abandon you the dreams of youth
Abandon love, hope and truth!

She will crush you, shell excite you
Shell destroy you, shell ignite you
Shell take you to a world of darkness
And eath, and death!

On a night of dread and wonder
Hear her heartbeat turn to thunder
Nows the time for soul surrender
And death, and death!
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