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Iceage part I

From album "Iceage"
Still I'm sitting in the frozen ocean
The blind trust I put in trapped me in
Possibly I went there of my own will
But I never thought you were to kill
Me, deep in
I've lost my shadow I'm losing my soul
Darkness instead and the rain miles above
I've created a God to be not alone
I try to pray but my psalms are all gone
I still remember my dreams as a child
Up there was a meadow and there I've lost my trail
Among waving flowers the bees danced around
And all the colours are still inside my mind
It was me, deep in
The sea freezes over
Puts time and dreams to sleep
Here comes the Ice Age
Freezes all memories
I will not pray for the grace of the Sun
Sun is a friend of yours, guess why not mine
The iceberg of World is swallowing
Me, deep in
 The Sun would kill me now
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